Thursday, August 23, 2012

We Are Family!

I love my family for everything they do, everything they are, and everything they strive to be. I'm an island girl, born in NY, but origin is Puerto Rico (shout out*), and because of this we have family whom still reside on this beautiful Island -------->

Unfortunately we go many years without seeing family, going on about ten for myself. Thanks to all of the wonderful Social Media sites out there....Facebook, Twitter, and even the ancient Myspace, I can see my family that live thousands of miles away. I can see new members of family and become a part of their life's journey. With family being so distant, I truly hold on close to the family I have here. We had two beautiful and wonderful additions to the family last year! They light up my days and crack me up! They are only 11 months and 1 year, each having their very own personality to last them a lifetime! My nephew and niece (who are cousins! which was a crazy time because they were born 5 weeks apart from eachother!) are such great fun! They are my babies (even though not literally mine) but I make sure to show them so much love and care, as well as our family here! I can't imagine not having them be this close, and I never take that for granted!!

These little angels are what inspired me to make a jewelry piece that any mom, gma, aunt, etc. could hold almost in the palm of your hand!

This is an adjustable Vintage personalized bracelet that holds an image of your loved one to keep for yourself or send as a gift to someone who isn't too close to home. It is an acrylic based (or Resin) curated jewelry piece. Other styles are available, such as rings, necklaces, and bottle cap keychains for the men!
Feel free to message me at my Etsy site (now located at the top of my blog) for more information on pictures and requests!
Now that I've shared a heart-felt moment with you all, it's time to dig into a crab feast I'm hosting at work!!!
Until the next!! Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is it Fall already?

'Tis the season for, not for Christmas (we're not quite there yet, 125 days til Christmas Day, but who's counting?)....welcome back allergies! These past couple of days have been a little rough trying not to let the allergies beat me! Anywho, enough ranting. But 'tis the season for Fall colors, leaves turning, pumpkin patches, and warm pie! All of these colors, smells, and tastes can really start inspiring someone to do something new, original, or maybe even old. Family recipes getting passed down, mmm grandmas baked apple pie, always a classic. Or being in the spirit to create something brand new!

So I started thinking, ok well all of these colors are known (orange, red, sangria, yellow, etc) for a Fall scheme, but what can I do that's new?? Well here it is!

Ruby Red Earring & Necklace set.

I added this because I thought the picture looked cool.


 I started with the Red, no specific reason why, I think I was just attracted to the way the bead looked. This is such an elegant piece but still so simple to wear with anything, anywhere! Don't worry about finding earrings to match your necklace, because it already comes as a matching set! 
Guys this is a perfect gift for the special lady in your life! How do I know, because I loved it! And yes, that is me being completely biased to my own work. But, I would have liked it off the shelf at a boutique store just as much!
Ladies, this is a great addition to your outfit! It's great for dinner parties, weddings, events, etc. It just screams, wear me. :)
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back To School

Hard to believe how fast Summer has flown by. I already feel the temperature changing, and the Sun sleeping in a little bit longer. The cool weather does feel amazing. Driving to work with the windows down and listening to awesome music is a pretty good way to start the day.

In the spirit of the first day of classes, I was thinking of a few friends who are teachers and I wanted to create a little something for them, and of course anyone else (like myself) that have to wear ID Badges to work. So I made a couple of Lanyards that are unique, and you have to know, no one else at work would have the same one! These Lanyards are for anyone who doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, or people who do wear jewelry and want to spice up that work uniform/outfit! These Lanyards can be made for children or teens that also need to use ID Badges to wear at school, from elementary to college!

Red Beaded Lanyard

This Lanyard is made with dark red beads and translucent glass beads that give an extra umph to any outfit. Be bold and make a statement with just one piece!
Wooden Beaded Lanyard 
This Lanyard is made with multiple tones of brown wooden beads with golden translucent beads. This is a little more simple, yet it really is a gorgeous wear.

Custom orders are available, whether it;s a favorite sports team, or school colors! Just message me your request :)

Have a great start to a new school year, and for the rest of us have a great day!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Wire wrapped Earrings

Turquoise Rocks
Fun in the Sun. I love summertime. I was born in June, so it was meant to be. I love all of what the summer has to offer when being inspired to create a lovely piece of jewelry. From the buzzing bees to the beachy sands. Even just walking through fields of grass can inspire something so beautiful to wear everyday!

These earrings were inspired by the bees of the season. It is a wire wrapped with a 20 gauge silver wire, portraying an illusion of a behive with a brilliant yellow glass drop bead. These earrings can be worn with anything, whether your feeling coordinated or you want to add a little something to your outfit to make you stand out!

My second inspiration I wanted to share with you today are these earrings that dangle with beautiful turquoise rock beads hanging on a silver chain. When I think of summer I often think of beach, islands, romantic getaways, and vacation time! These earrings are perfect for any such occasion!

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Happy shopping!!