Thursday, August 23, 2012

We Are Family!

I love my family for everything they do, everything they are, and everything they strive to be. I'm an island girl, born in NY, but origin is Puerto Rico (shout out*), and because of this we have family whom still reside on this beautiful Island -------->

Unfortunately we go many years without seeing family, going on about ten for myself. Thanks to all of the wonderful Social Media sites out there....Facebook, Twitter, and even the ancient Myspace, I can see my family that live thousands of miles away. I can see new members of family and become a part of their life's journey. With family being so distant, I truly hold on close to the family I have here. We had two beautiful and wonderful additions to the family last year! They light up my days and crack me up! They are only 11 months and 1 year, each having their very own personality to last them a lifetime! My nephew and niece (who are cousins! which was a crazy time because they were born 5 weeks apart from eachother!) are such great fun! They are my babies (even though not literally mine) but I make sure to show them so much love and care, as well as our family here! I can't imagine not having them be this close, and I never take that for granted!!

These little angels are what inspired me to make a jewelry piece that any mom, gma, aunt, etc. could hold almost in the palm of your hand!

This is an adjustable Vintage personalized bracelet that holds an image of your loved one to keep for yourself or send as a gift to someone who isn't too close to home. It is an acrylic based (or Resin) curated jewelry piece. Other styles are available, such as rings, necklaces, and bottle cap keychains for the men!
Feel free to message me at my Etsy site (now located at the top of my blog) for more information on pictures and requests!
Now that I've shared a heart-felt moment with you all, it's time to dig into a crab feast I'm hosting at work!!!
Until the next!! Have a great day!

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