Thursday, September 20, 2012

Premier of "What Inspires You" Betty Morales

So I have been looking for ways to spice up my blog. Well this blog is supposed to be about motivation and inspriation, so I wanted to see what inspires you. I wanted to feature different people on their inspirations and motivations of the day. This can consist of a craft to finding a way to better yourself. I'm very excited to introduce my first crafter:
Betty Morales!

 Betty Morales is an Etsian that sells unique handmade items varying from dolls, jewelry, bookmarks, to clay! I like to call that an all around artist! I asked Betty to choose an item that she considered her favorite from her store. Her response, "I don't really have a favorite item because I have a connection to all of them!" I think that is amazing to feel so involved and connected to each and every one of your creations that it is hard to determine that one favorite. So if Betty had to choose one she chose.......drum roll.........

Rag Doll
This is a cutie! So I asked Betty a few questions:
1) Why did you choose this piece to be featured?
2) What inspired you to create it?
3) How long have you been crafting?
4) What would you like the internet world to know about you or your art?
Her responses were from the heart. "I chose this piece to be featured because it is a fun and cute piece that I am pretty proud of. When people think of my shop, I would like them to think of fun things that are visually appealling and that they could either see themselves using or giving away as a great gift. I think this doll sends that vibe." - I agree! "I had a lot of leftover material at home and I wanted to make something cool with it. Since leftover material is often referred to as rags, I thought a rag doll would be a perfect project for the material!" - It's great to find inspiration in something as simple as leftover scraps, and create this beautiful doll! "I have been crafting since I was a child. One of the ladies I used to spend a lot of time with from my church kind of lit that fire! Whenever my sister and I would go to her house, she had some fun craft for us to do. Since then, I have always been a "crafty" person. But I only recently decided to try to sell my crafts." - We can often surprise ourselves with what we are able to accomplish by just one push from one person. "I would like the internet world to know that my art is a piece of me. Even if I finish a piece quickly, I put some of me into creating it. I put a lot of care and pride into anything I create and I hope that shows in the pieces that I produce. I also hope that people can get some sense of my personality from my pieces because I try to incorporate that as well." - I absolutely have a respect and understanding from where Betty is coming from. Every piece of jewelry or doll or whatever it is that we make is made with a piece of us!
I absolutely enjoyed reading about what Betty thinks when she's crafting! We love to share what we've created to the world, only to continue to inspire others!
Check out Betty's store at:
Come support us handmade crafty people on Etsy, and maybe we can inspire you!

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