Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is it Fall already?

'Tis the season for, not for Christmas (we're not quite there yet, 125 days til Christmas Day, but who's counting?)....welcome back allergies! These past couple of days have been a little rough trying not to let the allergies beat me! Anywho, enough ranting. But 'tis the season for Fall colors, leaves turning, pumpkin patches, and warm pie! All of these colors, smells, and tastes can really start inspiring someone to do something new, original, or maybe even old. Family recipes getting passed down, mmm grandmas baked apple pie, always a classic. Or being in the spirit to create something brand new!

So I started thinking, ok well all of these colors are known (orange, red, sangria, yellow, etc) for a Fall scheme, but what can I do that's new?? Well here it is!

Ruby Red Earring & Necklace set.

I added this because I thought the picture looked cool.


 I started with the Red, no specific reason why, I think I was just attracted to the way the bead looked. This is such an elegant piece but still so simple to wear with anything, anywhere! Don't worry about finding earrings to match your necklace, because it already comes as a matching set! 
Guys this is a perfect gift for the special lady in your life! How do I know, because I loved it! And yes, that is me being completely biased to my own work. But, I would have liked it off the shelf at a boutique store just as much!
Ladies, this is a great addition to your outfit! It's great for dinner parties, weddings, events, etc. It just screams, wear me. :)
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  1. Hi Mariana! I found you on Esty! I am a fellow etsian and new to the blog scene too! :) I wish you the best of luck! Hope you'll stop in and say hi!
    I love your Jewelry. Very simple and elegant. :) Ah yes, and FAB! Hope to see you around!

  2. Thanks Jessica!! I'll be sure to stop by and say hello!!