Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back To School

Hard to believe how fast Summer has flown by. I already feel the temperature changing, and the Sun sleeping in a little bit longer. The cool weather does feel amazing. Driving to work with the windows down and listening to awesome music is a pretty good way to start the day.

In the spirit of the first day of classes, I was thinking of a few friends who are teachers and I wanted to create a little something for them, and of course anyone else (like myself) that have to wear ID Badges to work. So I made a couple of Lanyards that are unique, and you have to know, no one else at work would have the same one! These Lanyards are for anyone who doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, or people who do wear jewelry and want to spice up that work uniform/outfit! These Lanyards can be made for children or teens that also need to use ID Badges to wear at school, from elementary to college!

Red Beaded Lanyard

This Lanyard is made with dark red beads and translucent glass beads that give an extra umph to any outfit. Be bold and make a statement with just one piece!
Wooden Beaded Lanyard 
This Lanyard is made with multiple tones of brown wooden beads with golden translucent beads. This is a little more simple, yet it really is a gorgeous wear.

Custom orders are available, whether it;s a favorite sports team, or school colors! Just message me your request :) http://www.etsy.com/people/LadysTouchBeads?ref=si_pr

Have a great start to a new school year, and for the rest of us have a great day!!

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